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Jackcity isn’t just the place to find all the best online casinos in the UK; it’s also a source of information that will help you stay on top of what’s happening in the world of gaming. Our online casino news is hot off the press and we cover just about everything you need to know about the online, mobile and land based casino industry.

As technology has evolved, so too has the way we play our favourite casino games, and the gaming industry has grown exponentially. It’s now worth billions, and there’s plenty of scoop that’s well worth sharing to keep players in the loop.

We Cover Every Angle

Our casino news tells you more about the latest game releases, the hottest new promotions and bonuses and who has just won big. We also cover every aspect of the casino industry, from mergers and acquisitions, to news about whose who in the world of gaming, what casino software developers are up to, and who is making waves in the gaming world. Legislation changes, legal issues and anything else that may affect your gaming experience is also included, and we help you keep tabs on what’s going down in the industry, both locally, and globally.

Everything you need to know is available right here, and our up to date news section will always keep you well informed. Our journalists have many years of experience in the casino industry and know a big story when they spot it. We’ll keep you up to date with anything that is trending, and put the latest news within easy reach.

News You Can Use

Keeping up to date with casino news is important for many reasons, and at Jackcity we strive to always provide you with accurate, unbiased and up to date information. Not only can you be first in line for new games or promotions, you can also understand what is happening within the industry, and how any changes can affect you. You can also be informed as to what new developments are coming and why they may impact your gaming experience.

Staying informed can be fun too, and we also show you the lighter side of gambling and bring you funny stories that stem from players doing strange things. Plus, we tell you more about big jackpot winners so that you can try your luck in the same games too.

Make Jackcity your number one online destination for the latest casino news and you’ll always know what’s what, and what’s hot!

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